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An Insult to an Ally


Contrary to your editorial ("Fooling With the Peace Process," May 28), there are cogent reasons for moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem immediately.

For more than 45 years we have questioned the sovereignty of the state of Israel by keeping our embassy in Tel Aviv while the seat of the government is located in Jerusalem. To do so has been an insult to Israel, particularly in light of the constant support that this country has given us in all international bodies, including being our most consistent friend in the United Nations, as indicated by its voting pattern.

More disturbing even than this failure is the American consulate in East Jerusalem designed to serve only Arabs, an anachronism after the 1967 war and certainly a studied affront by our State Department to our ally.

The argument that few countries have established their embassies in Jerusalem is flawed. We are not a follower but a leader. As the most important country in the world we have set the precedent that has discouraged other countries, with the exception of two, from placing their embassies in Israel's capital.

The already faltering peace process will not be damaged by such a move. If the PLO wants to stop the peace process, the only loser will be this organization that still refuses to alter its covenant calling for the destruction of the state of Israel, has armed 20,000 "police" in violation of the Oslo accords which limited the number to 9,000, and continues to discourage Arab nations from making peace with Israel.

The city of Jerusalem is more than 70 percent Jewish; our embassy is to be located in an area that has been part of the Jewish state since its founding in 1947. Certainly at this stage we should let the whole world know that the capital of the Jewish state is not for sale to the Arab nations and its future is non-negotiable.

Nelson Marans writes from Silver Spring.

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