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Man who escaped from police station found in shackles


BALTIMORE -- A man who escaped in leg irons, handcuffs and a waist chain Monday while being moved from the city's Detention Center to the Northwestern District police station was captured late Thursday still wearing the shackles.

Raymond Joseph Bell, 40, of the 5700 block of Bland Ave. was arrested after a patrol officer spotted him at 11:45 p.m. sitting on the front steps of a public library branch in the 3100 block of Garrison Blvd. He was still wearing the leg chains and handcuffs, but the chains had been severed, said Barbara Cooper, a prison spokeswoman.

Mr. Bell was taken to the Baltimore City Detention Center, where he was being held in a maximum security wing, said LaMont W. Flanagan, commissioner of the Division of Pretrial Detention and Services.

Before his escape, Mr. Bell was being held on drug charges. He was one of 12 inmates being transferred Monday afternoon to the Detention Center when he "walked out of the side door onto the street and proceeded along his merry way," Mr. Flanagan said yesterday.

Two correctional officers supervising Mr. Bell at the time of his escape have been suspended pending termination hearings, Mr. Flanagan said. He declined to release their names pending the personnel action.

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