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Information on local tourism, jobs, available on the Internet


"Carroll County On Line" made its debut Tuesday at the quarterly mayors' meeting.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Carroll County is now available through the Internet.

Officials, working closely with the staff of Carroll County Public // Library, have phased information on local government, business opportunities, jobs and tourism events into the Internet.

"What we had thought we'd be able to do years from now, you are seeing today," said Micki Smith, county spokeswoman.

Scott Reinhart, library assistant director for technical and support services, used a personal computer to demonstrate the ease of access to the information.

"Anyone anywhere in the world can come to Carroll County for the price of a phone call," Mr. Reinhart said. "Every two months, use of the Internet is doubling and is expected to increase."

He selected Carroll County Resources Outline from a menu on the computer. Once in that file, he keyed into information of the Carroll County Farm Museum, area businesses and the calendar of events published by the Office of Tourism.

"This is just the beginning of the information we'd like to provide and there are so many benefits the county can reap," Mr. Reinhart said.

He pulled up a commercial sales listing on a local plant.

"Available industrial sites are listed with full descriptions and color pictures," he said. "We can send a graphic over the phone lines."

All business properties are listed on the Internet, said Jack Lyburn, county director of Economic Development. He called the computer system an invaluable tool in attracting business prospects to the county.

"More than 3,000 commercial brokers across the United States use these programs," he said. "Site locators travel with laptops in their cars, so we have to make sure our inventory is constantly updated."

Mr. Reinhart showed just how accessible government information is with a few key punches. He located the agenda for the Carroll County mayors meeting and the tentative agenda for the Planning Commission meeting next week.

Maggie McPherson, of the county Office of Information, said job seekers can also tap into the county's Jobs Hotline.

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