Officer answering fight call arrests man on drug charges


A county police officer sent to break up a fight between two men yesterday arrested one of them on drug charges, officials said.

Officer David Frendlich went to the parking lot of a Hechinger store in the 6700 block of Ritchie Highway about 2 a.m. after a report that two men, one of whom had a knife, were fighting. When Officer Frendlich pulled onto the lot, one of the men saw him and walked toward Ordnance Road, police said.

Officer Frendlich stopped the man, who had a cut near his right eye and temple. The man said he and the other man were friends and were quarreling, not having a fight. He invited the patrolman to search him when Officer Frendlich asked him whether he had any drugs or weapons, police said. In the right front pocket of the man's jeans, Officer Frendlich found suspected marijuana in a cigarette pack's plastic wrapping, police said.

Timothy Raymond Barth, 35, of the 500 block of Sixth St. in Pasadena, was charged with possession of marijuana.

Neither man had a weapon, and the report of a knife fight was unfounded, police said. The other man was not arrested.

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