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CHRIS HOILESCareer fileSigned thru 1999. Turned 30...



Career file

Signed thru 1999. Turned 30 on March 20. Has been the Orioles starting catcher for the past four seasons. Has only one stolen base in 489 games. Is believed to be the only catcher to receive an inaugural pitch from two different presidents (President Bush in 1992 and President Clinton in 1993).

Personal file

Married Dana Winn on December 9, 1994. Spends off-season working on his parents' farm in Wayne, Ohio.

Standout statistic

Joined Gus Triandos as only the second Orioles catcher to hit over 20 home runs in a season. Turning point in his career Starting the 1990 season in Rochester after playing six games in September 1989 with the Orioles. "When I got demoted again (from the Orioles), it made me work even harder to get back. Just getting a taste of it, I knew it was a place where I wanted to be."

Toughest baserunners to throw out

Kenny Lofton, Rickey Henderson and Chad Curtis. If he weren't playing baseball "I was a biology major with a phys ed minor at Eastern Michigan. My ambitions out of high school was helping kids, kind of returning something back to them. I would either be coaching baseball or football, and teaching biology. It would definitely be something outdoors."

Toughest pitchers he has faced

Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson. "It's guys like that, you see their name in the paper that you're going against them that night, and you know it's going to be a tough battle and a tough fight. You hopefully get through that game with a win because you know you're facing the best."

Most important aspect of catching

"Learning each individual pitcher on your staff -- what their attitudes are, what their personalities are, what they like to throw, what their game plan is and what you can and can't say to them."

Favorite sports besides baseball

Football and basketball

Favorite food


Favorite television show

"Married with Children"

Favorite movie

"Anything with Sylvester Stallone."

Most influential player

"Best person I talk to is Cal (Ripken). I think it's because of his perception of the game and his outlook of the game. He's been through so many situations that it's nice to talk to a guy like that to broaden your view."

Best moment of his career

"Just getting here. That's always been a goal of mine is reaching the major league level. I do have a lot of outstanding memories of being here. But just getting here is a thrill of a lifetime. And not just making it, but staying here."

Most embarassing moment

"It was when Frank (Robinson) was managing and he called me out of the bullpen to pinch hit. So I ran through the bullpen area and I had to go in front of the opposing team's dugout. It was right when the inning was going on, and so I'm going right in front of the dugout while the pitch is being thrown. Everyone is screaming at me from the dugout. Finally they stopped the game and let me come on through. I grabbed the first bat I saw, but it was so skinny that I the donut slid right off the end of the bat. So I took a few practice swings and just walked right up to the plate."


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