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Death of girl, 14, at friend's home is ruled a suicide


Nicole Bastan-Siar, despondent over losing a boyfriend, left a six-page suicide note and shot herself in the head at a teen party Saturday night, sources said yesterday.

Dr. Theodore King, an assistant medical examiner, determined that the 14-year-old girl, who died at 10:15 a.m. Sunday, committed suicide, a spokeswoman for the office said.

A relative of one boy police questioned in the shooting, which took place at an apartment in the 7700 block of Oakwood Road in Glen Burnie, and other sources confirmed that Nicole left a suicide note.

Anne Arundel County police would not comment.

Nicole, who lived on Williamsburg Lane in Odenton, was shot during what police said was a party attended by eight young people.

The adults who live in the apartment in the Southgate complex were home at the time.

A 15-year-old Glen Burnie boy was showing a .38-caliber revolver to Nicole and another boy in a bedroom when the girl was shot, according to county police, who said they still are investigating.

A relative of the boy who police believe brought the gun to the apartment told The Sun the juveniles were drinking and that Nicole had gone to the apartment to win back her former boyfriend, who was dating a girl who lives in the apartment.

The relative declined to comment further yesterday on the advice a lawyer, state Sen. C. Edward Middlebrooks.

"The family conveyed to me they were upset over the entire incident," the attorney, a Glen Burnie Republican, said yesterday. "Their sympathies go out to Nicole and her family."

Officer Randy Bell, a police spokesman, would neither confirm nor deny the existence of a suicide note. "It's against our policy to release the contents or acknowledge the existence of suicide notes," Officer Bell said.

Cheryl Faber -- who lives in the apartment where the shooting took place with 32-year-old Robert Zimmerman and her fTC 15-year-old daughter, Deborah -- denied the juveniles had been drinking and disputed the police assertion that a party was in progress.

Nicole and Deborah were friends, Ms. Faber said. Nicole did not seem upset about the breakup with her boyfriend, and only seven juveniles were in the apartment, she said.

Nicole, Deborah and another girl were getting dressed to go out when four boys stopped by, said Ms. Faber, adding she was not sure whether the boys brought alcoholic beverages.

Mr. Zimmerman said there was no party. "That really ticks me off," he said. "The girls were already here when the boys came by, and they were only here 20 minutes."

The boys sneaked two beers into the apartment, and the girls were about to go bowling, he said.

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