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Frank Robinson,

Orioles assistant GM

The five toughest left-handed pitchers he faced during his Hall of Fame career:

1. Sandy Koufax. "Simply overpowering. Only pitcher I ever saw who could win with only a fastball. On the days he had a curve -- no chance."

2. Mickey Lolich. "Very crafty. He would never pitch you the same way twice. He had a very deceptive fastball."

3. Steve Carlton. "He had two devastating pitches, a fastball and an unhittable slider. He would work both sides of the plate with both pitches."


4. Warren Spahn. "He never threw a ball down the middle of the plate. Once he came up with a screwball, he was very difficult to hit."

5. Sam McDowell. "He had the best overall stuff of any of these pitchers. He would outsmart himself and give you a pitch to hit."

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