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Get set for another hoodwink

By Congress Republicans, Inc.;

Their clean water solution

Is add more pollution --

It's enough to drive one to not drink.

* * *

The U.N. is coming! they yell;

We need all our guns to repel

That peacekeeping foe --

They're aggressors, you know,

The hostile blue helmets from hell.

* * *

The high court of adjudication

Just said "no" to term limitation

As might be expected

Of nine unelected

Whose own term eschews termination.

* * *

A year hence in yon '96

We'll know the two top parties' picks

Who'll go for the gold

Despite being told

The country is too broke to fix.

* * *

A past perpetrator revamp:

Agnew's pictured as less of a scamp;

Telling punks where to aim

Revives Liddy's fame;

We lick Tricky Dick on a stamp.

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