On the field: Leadoff hitter Curtis Goodwin was the one left-handed batter in the lineup against Seattle starter Randy Johnson last night. In Goodwin's first at-bat, he fouled off three 3-2 pitches before Johnson finally threw him a sharp slider that Goodwin flailed at. Johnson finished off Goodwin in his second at-bat with a slider that had the rookie's front leg bailing toward the first base dugout.

In the dugout: Against the monster left-hander, Orioles manager Phil Regan jammed just about every right-handed hitter he could find into his lineup. Switch-hitter Kevin Bass started in left (in place of the injured Brady Anderson), Leo Gomez at third, Jeff Manto at first, Manny Alexander at second. Bret Barberie, who has 13 career homers, started at designated hitter.

In the clubhouse: Regan offered little advice to Goodwin about facing Johnson: "Hang in there -- that's all. Good luck."

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