From The Sun June 4-10, 1845June 4:...


From The Sun June 4-10, 1845

June 4: The ship Marianne, Captain Weiting, arrived yesterday from Bremen with one hundred and eighty-six passengers; they were all in a healthy condition.

June 7: The extreme warm weather, and the dog days approaching, renders bathing absolutely necessary to health.

From The Sun June 4-10, 1895

June 4: The colored people of Baltimore County celebrated Whit-Monday, as is their custom.

June 5: Confederate Memorial Day will be observed in Baltimore tomorrow with appropriate ceremonies at the Confederate Cemetery in Loudon Park.

From The Sun June 4-10, 1945

June 4: The residents of the 1900 block of Bank Street, proud of their 24-year-old neighbor-hero, are ready for the return home of Staff Sergeant Paul J. Wiedorfer, the only living Marylander to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor in this war.

June 5: One good hot spell would clear out the nation's supply of straw hats, Warren S. Smith, secretary of the Hat Institute, predicted today.

June 6: Many people pray on their knees, some suitors propose on them, and chorus girls use them in ways that delight the tired business man, but Baltimore women have discovered a new use for them. They have butterflies, spiders and tanks tattooed on them.

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