THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!



The short spring training has made for one wacky season. Who would've guessed that more than a month into the year, Melvin Nieves would have more homers than Jeff Bagwell, or that the Cubs, Padres and Tigers all would have more victories than the Yankees or Orioles. Now the question is whether the wackiness will continue:

Item ........... Comment

Phillies ....... Before the season started, Lenny Dykstra said this was the best team that he'd ever played on, and everybody laughed. He wasn't kidding. Hail to Heathcliff.

White Sox ...... Gene Lamont can start sending out that resume. Reinsdorf and Co. underestimated the importance of Jack McDowell and Julio Franco.

Jeff Bagwell ... He could start hitting, but nobody's throwing him any strikes. Without Ken Caminiti hitting behind him, why should they?

Cubs ... ....... Jim Bullinger is disabled, and there are other cracks in the foundation. But question is, besides Cincinnati, is there another team any good in the NL Central?

Angels.. ....... If J.T. Snow hits -- and he is -- he makes this lineup much, much better, another threat besides Tim Salmon and Chili Davis. Halos are for real.

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