Get out your 20-20 hindsight glasses. The...


Get out your 20-20 hindsight glasses. The second (and final) meeting of the Baltimore Orioles chapter of second guessers is hereby called to order. The topic: hitters. The Orioles outfield is in disarray. Andy Van Slyke, Matt Nokes and Damon Buford (who was sent to the minors Friday) have hit a combined .114 with four home runs and 13 RBI. This week's selection is a review of the hitters the Orioles could have signed.


Jay Buhner -- UP -- This guy wasn't worth $18 million. Neither is Hoiles ($17.25 million). But Buhner (.283, 6, 26) is keeping the Mariners afloat.

Mickey Tettleton -- WHO KNOWS -- He still can't catch, but has seven home runs and 18 RBI with Texas. May or may not be better than Nokes by season's end.

Marquis Grissom -- DOWN -- Has not done much (.233, 3, 14, 7 SB's) for the Braves. Would rather go with Goodwin.

Larry Walker -- UP -- Leads the Rockies attack (.303, 9, 22). But the Orioles questioned his health and passed. Glenn Davis still ,, haunts Hemond.

Ron Gant -- UP -- The one that really got away. He's been so clutch for the Reds. The Orioles could have gotten him for next to nothing.

Brett Butler -- WHO KNOWS -- Butler is hitting .279 with three stolen bases for the Mets, but his skills may be declining.

Note: Statistics through Thursday.

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