Last week's qestion:Is Roland Hemond to blame...


Last week's qestion:

Is Roland Hemond to blame for the Orioles' slow start?

YES 80% ... NO 20%

"He got us great players. Now those players are slumping and we can't blame him for that."

P.J. Dominguez

"He has been a general manager in major-league baseball for about 25 years and he has had no teams make the World Series. He's a nice guy, but as Leo Durocher said, 'Nice guys finish last.'"

Dave Leonard

"He is the main reason because of his hesitancy to get quality players. Ron Gant we didn't get. Jay Buhner we didn't get. He let good players go."

David Schlothauer

"Hemond has a champagne pocketbook with beer taste and should be replaced as early as possible because he has designed the blueprint for disaster, second to none."

Jack Milinski

"He should retire or be fired. Frank Robinson should be escalated to general manager and [manager Phil] Regan should not buy a house in Baltimore as yet."

Jerome Davis

"Regan's to blame. As much as I hated Johnny Oates and the way he handled pitchers, I'd get down on my knees and beg for Johnny Oates to come back."

Eric Dorsey

This week's question:

One proposal to shorten the length of games is to cut down on offense by raising the mound. Should the mound be raised?

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