Dubious O's decisionsPeter Angelos and Roland Hemond...


Dubious O's decisions

Peter Angelos and Roland Hemond promised the fans that the Orioles would be a contender, yet all the 1995 Orioles can contend with are the likes of Minnesota, Milwaukee and Texas.

Mark Williamson was a better relief pitcher than Mike Oquist will ever be. Lee Smith is leading the league in saves for California. Who on the Orioles' relief pitching corps would you compare Smith with?

Houston recently had a baseball cap giveaway for its fans, expecting 50,000 to attend the designated game (only 30,000-plus actually showed). When will the Orioles' owners watch and listen?

I also think Angelos and Hemond stunk up the salary negotiation process in their dealings with Andy Van Slyke, and they're doing the same thing with the Mike Mussina negotiations.

Harry I. Kleiman

Owings Mills

A matter of pride

Maryland defenseman Dan Radebaugh called the Johns Hopkins lacrosse team a "very arrogant team." I think he confused arrogance with class, pride and tradition.

Since 1883, Johns Hopkins has won or shared 42 national lacrosse championships, including seven in the modern era. It's a shame that in such an excellent year for the Terps, one classless All-America has to voice his opinion.

As shown in the final game, not just a win over Hopkins brings you the national championship.

Chuck Bowers


Hasty words from Ripken

Cal Ripken said of Ken Griffey's "crash catch" that if they were teammates, Ripken would discourage Griffey from taking headlong leaps into immovable objects. This is not a knock on Ripken, but would he take such advice from a teammate?

Would he bail instead of turning the double play? Would he think twice before throwing himself at a liner in the hole? I think not!

Ripken and Griffey have such an enthusiasm for playing the game that such self-preservation would be against their nature. And what if the two took such heed? Think of the thrills we would be deprived of.

I wonder if we would be talking of iron-man streaks if there were a padded, eight-foot concrete wall in the vicinity of the shortstop position, or if Ripken patrolled the outfield where there happens to be one.

Jayson Knott



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