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"Bongwater," by Michael Hornburg. 189 pages. New...


"Bongwater," by Michael Hornburg. 189 pages. New York: Grove Press. $17.

If you saw "Slackers," the movie, and liked it, then you're going to like this book.

David is 20-something. He lives in Portland, Ore., but is from the ++ suburbs of Chicago. He doesn't have much of a life except that he makes movies, sometimes. He smokes pot. He has a few close friends. Most are female. His male friends are either dead, gay or so disillusioned with society that they live outside it.

What this novel captures well is young Americans' view of their future. And, by this account, that is aloud and clear NOT MUCH. Here, the protagonist is trying to get through breakfast: "The food came and I started shoveling it down, skimming the newspaper for atrocities, none of which really affected me anymore, just more inspiration to die in some spectacular fashion.

Yeah, die slacker scum!

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