Joshua BlinderSchool: Hammond High SchoolHometown: ColumbiaAge: 17Joshua,...


Joshua Blinder

School: Hammond High School

Hometown: Columbia

Age: 17

Joshua, who likes to be known as Josh, is a graduate of Hammond High School and has a 3.83 cumulative grade-point average. He was 11th in his class of 220 and graduated on June 2. He was a tutor for the National Honor Society and a member for three years.

Josh has participated in several drama presentations. He was Mr. Stanley in "The Man Who Came to Dinner," worked as a shift member running the backstage crew for "The Pajama Game," and crewed for several other productions.

Josh was a reporter for the school newspaper, the Bear Press, in his junior year and editorial page editor in his senior year. He was a member of the school chorus his junior year.

Josh has a strong interest in biomedical studies and attended Brandeis University Summer Odyssey, a directed research program in biotechnology. There, he began genetic research on viruses. He continued his research at the University of Maryland Bio Process Scale Up facility in College Park.

He was recently awarded the prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute Fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda. The NIH fellowship accepts 25 undergraduate and graduate students. Very few high school students are accepted into the program. He has begun work on sequencing previously unknown DNA strands at NIH.

He also won a Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program through the Department of Defense and George Washington University. He declined this to pursue the NIH fellowship.

Plans: Josh will attend the University of Maryland College Park to pursue a double major in biochemistry and molecular biology.

His comments: "I've always been interested in medicine and biology. When I went to Brandeis, it added to my interest. I hope to get a good background so one day I can attend Hopkins or Harvard medical schools. I would like to become a practicing physician or research doctor."

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