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50 Years Ago* Nearly 350 county homemakers...


50 Years Ago

* Nearly 350 county homemakers and friends met at the Grace Lutheran Church in Westminster on May 17 for the annual meeting of the Carroll County Council of Homemakers Clubs. The roll call showed that all of the 20 clubs in the county were represented and the reports given by the club presidents indicated that each club had had a very busy and worthwhile year. -- Democratic Advocate, May 25, 1945.

75 Years Ago

* The whole list of Liberty bonds may now be bought upon the same principle that investment was made in a small way in War Savings Stamps. The stamps were bought below par with a view of having them paid at par at maturity. So now the Liberty bonds may be bought far below par and if they are held to maturity the holder will get 100 cents on the dollar. Take the Fourth Liberty 4 1/4 s which are selling below 84. An investment of say $840 now will bring a payment of $1,000 in 1938. In addition, the bond will pay annually $42.50 as interest. If this interest is deposited when the coupons are clipped so that it will be compounded, there will be another $1,000 accumulated by the time the Liberty bond matures. If the heads of 22,000,000 families in the United States would adopt this course, the question of the public absorbing the funded debt would be solved, says Frank D. McLain, financial editor in the Philadelphia Press. -- Union Bridge Pilot, May 28, 1920.

100 Years Ago

* A very interesting game of ball was played here on Thursday by the Union Mills team, which resulted in a defeat for the visiting team. Pitcher Babylon was in the box for the Stars, and was hard to strike. He sent them to catcher Dutera with full speed. -- American Sentinel, May 25, 1895.

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