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The Volunteers: Suzy Wishard of Annapolis and...


The Volunteers: Suzy Wishard of Annapolis and Sue Norris of Severna Park are members of the Severn Town Club, a nonprofit women's group dedicated to raising money for other nonprofits and charitable organizations.

Recently, the club donated $12,000 each to the Hospice of the Chesapeake and the Rebecca M. Clatanoff Women's Hospital in Annapolis. The money came from the annual Holly Ball held in December.

Mrs. Wishard, retired as a promoter for a fragrance company, has been a member since 1988 and chaired the Holly Ball the past two years.

Mrs. Norris, president of the club, has been a member for 17 years. She retired after 23 years as a third-grade teacher at Folger McKinsey Elementary School in Severna Park.

Mrs. Wishard's Comments: "I've worn a number of different hats as a member and done a little bit of everything, but I think chairing the Holly Ball is the biggest event I've worked on in my eight years.

"All the money we make goes back into the community. We're really proud of ourselves to be able to help.

"After raising my family, my husband said it's time to just kick back a little, but I can't do that, I just have to keep going. My motto is: So little time, so much to do."

"When your children grow up . . . life goes into another dimension entirely, you get involved with other things. Once you're a doer I think you're always going to be a doer."

Mrs. Norris' Comments: "We're [The Severn Town Club] part of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, which is the largest group of volunteer women in the world.

"I'm what they call a recycled president, I was president 10 years ago also.

"I'm involved in a number of other things as well. I'm very involved with the PanHellenic Club of Annapolis, I'm a life member of Hospice of the Chesapeake, and my husband is a member of the Engineering Society in Baltimore, and I'm a member of the Women's Auxiliary board there. I get involved with different things throughout the community.

"My husband will say, 'Just do one thing at a time,' and I'll look at him and say, 'You never taught third grade; there's no way you could do just one thing at a time.' I've got so many things I'm interested in. I'd rather be a participant rather than an observer."

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