50 Years Ago* Fort George G. Meade...


50 Years Ago

* Fort George G. Meade will be expanded to become one of three principal separation centers on the east coast and is expected to relieve a growing backlog. In the past six weeks, a total of 340,000 soldiers have arrived in the United States from Europe. -- The Sun, July 6, 1945.

* Vice Admiral Aubrey Wray Fitch, the newly appointed superintendent of the Naval Academy, flunked his first entrance examination at Annapolis. Lately, Admiral Fitch was in command of the aircraft carrier Lexington when his airmen outfought two Japanese task forces. -- The Sun, July 16, 1945.

* For the first time in its century of existence, the Naval Academy has assigned women to its staff of instructors. The three women, all WAVES, will be assigned to the Link trainer program. -- The Sun, July 27, 1945.

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