Sharon Stone gets film deal


In an unusual marriage of artistic and commercial genealogy, Miramax Films has signed a multi-year, first-look deal with Sharon Stone and her Chaos Productions for the actress to develop, acquire, produce and distribute films under the Miramax label.

"I realized that to make the kind of quality movies I want, I had to have a bigger hand in making them," Ms. Stone said. "So this is a natural progression."

Miramax announced three immediate projects involving Ms. Stone. One is "A Murder in Manila," described as a thriller based on a true story that Ms. Stone optioned after reading a newspaper article. The film, starring Ms. Stone, is to be in the vein of "Body Heat" and "The Year of Living Dangerously."

She is also producing a film at New Line, tentatively titled "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief," which she does not star in. And for Rysher she is producing a comedy, "Lady Takes an Ace," in which she will star with John Travolta.

"I want to make profound films with great integrity," Ms. Stone said of the deal. "Plus, this will be an opportunity for women in the film business."

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