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The Sun's national based writer, Peter Schmuck,...


The Sun's national based writer, Peter Schmuck, ranks the major league' 28 teams.

Rank, Team, Previous rank, Comment

1. Cleveland Indians, 1, Tribe isn't giving an inch in one-team AL ++ Central race.

2. Philadelphia Phillies, 2, Terrific start should be worth more in standings.

3. Cincinnati Reds, 9, Have developed a cure for Cub fever.

4. Atlanta Braves, 4, Still too close for Phils to get comfortable.

5. Chicago Cubs, 5, Can't relax, even during upcoming weekend in Miami.

6. Boston Red Sox, 8, Clemens gives up one hit in nine innings on rehab asssignment.

7. California Angels, 7, Halos have put once-weak AL West back on the map.

8. San Francisco Giants, 11, May be the class of weak NL West after all.

9. Kansas City Royals, 19, Red-hot Gaetti has Royals on the rise.

10. Montreal Expos, 10, Good-looking young team in the wrong race at the wrong time.

11. Colorado Rockies, 6, Losing altitude.

12. New York Yankees, 3, Wilting under weight of injuries, expectations and Strawberry rumors.

13. Seattle Mariners, 13, With Griffey out, roof could fall in on Mariners again.

14. Oakland A's, 14, Playing great baseball until Red Sox arrived in town this week.

15. Texas Rangers, 15, Here's Johnny!

16. Detroit Tigers, 21, Unheralded Tigers trying to fill the vacuum in upside-down AL East.

17. Houston Astros, 12, Letting Cubs and Reds get too far out in front.

18. Milwaukee Brewers, 17, Small-market mania over. Brewers working way down standings.

19. Toronto Blue Jays, 16, Pitching has become a real problem.

20. St. Louis Cardinals, 18, Could be in for very long weekend at Riverfront.

21. Los Angeles Dodgers, 20, Piazza could be back soon, but it may take more than one guy to rescue floudering Dodgers.

22. Baltimore Orioles, 22, Break glass. Pull down on lever.

23. Chicago White Sox, 23, Not a good time to be Gene Lamont.

24. San Diego Padres, 24, Don't laugh. They're only 3 1/2 (UPDATE) games out of first place.

25. Pittsburgh Pirates, 26, Still above .500 (8-7) on road, but only because they haven't left home since last week.

26. New York Mets, 25, Letterman staff abandons hope of narrowing list of Mets weaknesses to 10.

27. Minnesota Twins, 27, Have graciously agreed to keep worst AL record so Orioles and White Sox won't feel so bad.

28. Florida Marlins, 28, Last seen floating belly-up in Biscayne Bay.

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