Also in yesterday's editions, The Sun incorrectly...


Also in yesterday's editions, The Sun incorrectly referred to "the late Jacques Cousteau." Mr Cousteau is alive.

The Sun regrets the error.

Kevin Brown

Career file First season with the Orioles. Free agent signed to a one-year deal worth $4.225 million. Brown had a 7-9 record with a 4.82 ERA last season with the Texas Rangers. Was a walk-on at Georgia Tech.

Personal file

Turned 30 on March 14.Born in McIntyre, Ga. He and his wife, Candace, have a son, James, 4.

Person who most influenced career

"Joe McFarland, he was the pitching coach there my first two years [at Georgia Tech]. I think he had a lot to do with it, telling me just to be aggresive and throwing a lot at guys and making them hit the ball."

Why he liked playing college baseball

"We just had a bunch of good guys who enjoyed playing together. The program was really just starting to get on the map. We won our first ACC when I was there, went to regionals. It was kind of nice to be part of the building process."

Most enjoyable moment

Starting the 1992 All-Star Game.

Most embarassing moment

"The all-star game, too, punching out."

Favorite food

Chicken Fettucine

Favorite book

J.R.R. Tolken's trilogy, "Lord of the Rings"

Player he most admires

Ozzie Smith. "It'd be nice to trade places with him. I always wanted to do what he does."

Childhood heroes

"I used to like to watch Rollie Fingers, when he was with the A's."

If he wasn't playing baseball

"I'd be working at a kaolin mine back down in Georgia, I'm sure. Kaolin is a type of clay. That's what most everybody does in that area, pretty much."

When realized could be a major leaguer

"I first started to be realistic my sophomore year. I gained about eight miles per hour on my fastball between my freshman and my sophomore year. At that time I started to get a lot of things from scouts and they started projecting me as a possible first or second round draft pick. That's when I started thinking seriously about professional ball."

Toughest hitter

Don Mattingly

Favorite childhood memory

I just spent so many hours outside beating a tennis ball or a rubber ball against the brick wall, throwing the ball against the wall and playing catch. I lived in small town, a small area, so. The town didn't have but 200 or 300 people. It was a rural area. I had a guy who lived across the highway from me, lived up the hill, he and I were cousins. We played a lot together, but he didn't like to play ball as much as I did."

Person most liked to have met

Late seagoing explorer-filmmaker Jacques Cousteau

From the time when I was about six years old until I was about 16, I was thinking about being a marine biologist. I used to love watching all of his programs."

Favorite television show

Star Trek

Favorite car

Corvettes "What I'd really like to have is a '64 Grand Sport 'vette. There's about three of those in the country, and they're about $1 million apiece."

Favorite film

Star Wars

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