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Phil ReganOrioles managerHis five best teams ever:1....


Phil Regan

Orioles manager

His five best teams ever:

1. 1927 Yankees. "Murderers' Row," he said.

2. 1961 Yankees. "They had a guy who hit 61 homers [Roger Maris] and a guy who hit 54 homers [Mickey Mantle]. They had just a tremendous defensive team. They had [Clete Boyer] at third, [Tony] Kubek at shortstop, Bobby Richardson at second base. Whitey Ford. I beat them twice that year [pitching for the Tigers] -- 4-2, in Detroit, and I think 8-3 in New York. We won 101 games that year, and they beat us."

3. 1955 Dodgers. "I was still in high school. I remember Johnny Podres pitching in Yankee Stadium in the shadows in the World Series. He used his changeup so well in the shadows and won, 2-0."

4. The Big Red Machine, Cincinnati, 1975 and 1976. "That was a very, very tough ballclub."

5. 1970 Orioles. "I remember going into Baltimore and knowing that you could hardly hit a ball through the left side of the infield."

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