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Dear Mr. Baseball:In 1992, I participated in...


Dear Mr. Baseball:

In 1992, I participated in "The Maryland Marathon Baseball Day" -- seeing games in Hagerstown, Frederick and Camden Yards all on the same day. My question is: Will they do it in 1995?

John F. Royston

Dover, Del.

Dear John F. Royston:



That's about the way the conversation transpired when Mr. Baseball phoned state tourism officials recently to ask about the tour.

Like you, Mr. Baseball thinks the demise of the trip is a shame, considering professional baseball is one of Maryland's top tourist attractions, if you don't count outlet shopping in Hancock.

The tour, on June 6, 1992, was pretty much as you describe it. Fans began the day with a game in Hagerstown, then a Double-A affiliate of the Orioles, then moved on to Frederick before winding up the whirlwind tour at Camden Yards.

As Mr. Baseball recalls, organizing the trip was difficult. When state officials withdrew, none of the teams involved was enthusi

astic about taking over.

Dear Mr. Baseball:

Please refresh my memory on the Eddie Murray trade. Was it Juan Bell and two pitchers for Eddie Murray? If so, was one of the pitchers named Hill and did we trade him one week later to Philadelphia?

Van Szczpaniak


Dear Van Szczpaniak:

Mr. Baseball is pleased to answer your question about Eddie Murray, the proud and private slugger who, when he wasn't hitting home runs for the Orioles, was leading his popular seminars, "Ten Easy Steps to Your Persecution Complex."

The Orioles did trade Murray to the Los Angeles Dodgers for two pitchers and infielder Juan Bell on Dec. 4, 1988. One pitcher was Brian Holton, the other was Ken Howell, whose Orioles career lasted five days. On Dec. 9, Howell and minor-league pitcher Gordon Dillard were dealt to the Philadelphia Phillies for Phil Bradley.

Since then, many teams have shared Murray's secrets to a happy life.

Now he's with the Indians, his third team in the past five years.

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