Judge allows woman to argue for new sentence


A 34-year-old woman serving 25 years in prison for her role in the 1992 abduction of a Baltimore businessman will be able to argue for a new, shorter sentence, a Carroll Circuit judge ruled yesterday.

Judge Francis M. Arnold agreed to the new sentencing hearing because Karen Sue Pulido got bad advice from her trial lawyer when she was sentenced in September 1992. Prosecutors had recommended the new hearing.

Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. had sentenced Pulido to 25 years in state prison for kidnapping and imposed a concurrent 15-year sentence for armed robbery on her convictions in the abduction and stabbing of Baltimore businessman Frank Allen Storch, who was left for dead beside a creek near Sykesville on Feb. 26, 1992.

Pulido's accomplice, David Teddy Yoswick, is serving 40 years for his role in the crimes.

Judge Burns will set a date for Pulido's new sentencing hearing.

Pulido's attorney, Assistant Public Defender Thomas Kennedy, said yesterday that she likely would tell the judge how she tried to help Mr. Storch and that it was Yoswick who masterminded the crime.

Yoswick and Pulido entered separate plea bargains in return for prosecutors dropping some charges against them.

Yoswick pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree murder and kidnapping charges in August 1992.

Pulido pleaded not guilty to kidnapping and armed robbery charges, but agreed, on the advice of her defense attorney at the time, to let the prosecution enter a statement of facts that contained sufficient evidence to convict her. In return, prosecutors dropped 18 other charges against her.

According to court records, Mr. Storch, a private detective and real estate management company president, was abducted by Pulido and Yoswick Feb. 25, 1992. They forced him to withdraw money from an automated teller machine at Baltimore-Washington International Airport and handcuffed him to a toilet in a hotel room.

Mr. Storch was found limping near a creek along Arrington Road in Sykesville, where he had been dumped, the day after the abduction. He had been stabbed several times in the stomach.

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