Sauerbrey volunteers say Baltimore votes exceeded the voters


Volunteers for Republican Ellen R. Sauerbrey's failed run for governor charged yesterday that the number of votes cast for governor in Baltimore exceeded the total number of people who voted by more than 5,800.

But Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran Jr. said the group based its claims on flawed data.

"This is the same issue that had been brought up before," Mr. Curran said. "There was a trial. A very, very learned judge reviewed all of the admitted evidence and ruled that [Gov. Parris N.] Glendening had in fact won the election."

Members of Voters Organized Toward Election Reform (VOTER) said their analysis showed that in 354 of 408 precincts in Baltimore, more votes were cast for governor than the total number of people who voted.

VOTER compared the totals taken from the backs of voting machines with a tally of the number of people who voted based on voter cards that are filled out by election judges and scanned by a machine.

Mr. Curran, a Democrat, said he is not troubled by the discrepancy because computers don't always read all the cards when they are scanned, thus producing a result that can be off by as much as 3 percent.

"The accurate count, the one that is the true count, is what is on the backs of the machines," Mr. Curran said.

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