Owens is just six pins shy of winning $900


You think you had some bad breaks in the duckpin bowling season that just finished? How about finishing with a 146 for your low average, pounding out three fantastic series and missing picking up $900 by a total of six pins?

Jon Owens has been bowling since he was a pre-teen. This year he's holding a 146 average in the Monday league at Middlesex, 153 in the Sunday Doubles league at Westview (his partner is his wife, Carla) and has 155 in the Wednesday 89er Athletic Club league at Westview.

"In just two weeks he missed winning the $300 bond [that Fair Lanes pays for a 560 series]," said Chris Kruger, manager of Westview. "One pin short in one set and just two pins short in the other."

In November at Middlesex, Owens put together games of 149, 224 and 184 for a 557 series; three pins short of the 560 for the $300.

On Feb. 12, at Westview, he posted a 194, 189 and a 176.

"In the last frame I needed a mark and nine for the 560 set," Owens said. "I threw the spare and counted nine."

For a 559 set.

The next Sunday, Owens started with a 169 game, picked up speed to a 174 and went into overdrive to fire a 224.

"In the last frame of that game I needed a double," Owens said. "I got the first strike and then broke nine."

The result: a 558 series.

First 300 and 700

Keith Sellman of Dundalk had a bunch of strikes on a recent Saturday night.

"I think he had 26 strikes in a row," said Butch Swayne, manager at Fair Lanes Dundalk.

Sellman has been bowling tenpins for over 20 years; before that night he had a career-high game and set of 286 and 699.

"I wasn't doing a thing differently that night," Sellman said. "Not really."

His first game was a 190 (matching his average exactly), then he posted his 300 game and came back with a 268 for a 758 series.

On Monday nights he carries a 104 average -- in duckpins.

House record

Karla Camalier of Dundalk finished the duckpin season at Edgemere Lanes in style.

She has been bowling "for about 25 years. I started out at Fair Lanes Middlesex," she said. "I've been hooked on the game ever since."

Currently averaging 133 in two leagues, one on Sunday and the Travel League on Saturday, she had a 213 for her career high game before the last night of the season.

"It wasn't until two years ago that I ever shot a 200 game," Camalier said. "That was a 203, then last year I got the 214 game."

It was on Mother's Day, bowling on the Crunch Team of the Kandy Korner League, that Camalier surpassed that figure.

"A few weeks ago I bought a pair of Manhattan rubber balls from a friend," she said. "They belonged to her mother and, I figure, that they must be about 50 years old. But I was using one of for my strike ball that night."

Camalier started with a 156 game, dropped to a 122 and then posted strikes from the fourth frame through the 10th.

The resulting 242 game set the women's house record at Edgemere Lanes and garnered Camalier a $300 check from John Crunkleton, the proprietor of the center.

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