Ladew members' party was a garden of delights

The Ladew Topiary Gardens' Annual Members Garden Party has always been a nice affair, but, I am told, this year's party was even more fabulous. Thanks to the talents of party chairman Stiles Colwill, a part owner of Colwill-McGehee antiques, and his creative committee, the three tents were lovely. Mother Nature cooperated, with a full moon and gardens that were in full bloom.

This party is one of the perks of membership at Ladew and is so popular that nearly 270 people attended. Some of the guests were Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Amling -- he's with Alex. Brown; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bailliere -- he's with Paine Webber; Ms. Donna Barrick, partner with Arthur Andersen & Co.; Ned Daniels, retired executive director of the Rouse Co. Foundation and Ladew board member; Mr. and Mrs. Duncan MacKenzie; Mr. and Mrs. Warren Dempsey -- he's an investment adviser; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Graul, Graul's Markets; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Halle Sr. -- he's a senior vice president emeritus of Johns Hopkins Hospital; Mr. and Mrs. E. Phillips Hathaway -- he's executive director of the Middendorf Foundation; Mr. and Mrs. John B. Howard -- he's a Venable Baetjer & Howard partner; Mrs. Theodore R. McKeldin Jr., director of development at Ladew; Charles B. Keenan, partner in the Stark and Keenan law firm; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Killebrew Jr. -- he's with Alex. Brown; Mrs. William Passano; Mrs. Victor Schmidt; Mrs. John D. Schapiro; and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Brown -- he's with Alex. Brown.


Meeting at McHenry

Fort McHenry superintendent John Tyler rolled out the red carpet last week for Marie Rust, who, after a major reshuffling within the National Park Service, was named one of seven field directors.


Her territory, as director of the Northeast, encompasses parks from Maine to Virginia and thus includes Fort McHenry as well as Hampton Mansion.

After she toured the fort, there was a reception for Ms. Rust, where she had a chance to chat with state Sen. Barbara Hoffman and Bailey Fine, from Rep. Ben Cardin's office, as well as members of the Patriots of Fort McHenry, a fund-raising group for the fort. On hand was Patriots president Alan Walden.

Others at the reception were Patriots Joe Ayd, Walter Hyle, Col. Vernon Sevier and Jon Files; Cmdr. David Livingstone, commanding officer of the Naval Reserve Readiness Center in Baltimore; and park ranger Scott Sheads, historic consultant to the Patriots, who told me that his latest book on Fort McHenry and the Battle of Baltimore will appear this summer.

Commencement speaker

University of Maryland commencement ceremonies featured journalist Carl Rowan, best known these days for his radio talk show, "The Rowan Hour," and as a panelist on the television show "Inside Washington."

Rowan talked about breaking barriers and shared his own barrier-breaking experiences as an author, naval officer, ambassador to Finland, director of the U.S. Information Agency and deputy secretary of state. He received an honorary doctor of letters degree from the university.

Others sharing the podium were student speaker Juanita Russell, mother of two, who completed an accounting degree with a perfect 4.0; Martin Feinstein, general director of the Washington Opera, who was given an honorary doctor of fine arts degree; Armando Samper Gnecco, the first agricultural economist in Colombia, South America, and former president of the University of Bogota, who studied at the University of Maryland in 1939. He was given a doctor of science degree.

The Distinguished Alumni Award went to James McGroddy, senior vice president of research at IBM, who received his Ph.D. in physics from Maryland in 1965.