Busy Wilcox earns top secretary award


The Harford Women's Bowling Association acknowledges the top league secretary in the county each year with its Secretary of the Year award.

Jean Wilcox of Bel Air earned that accolade for the 1994-95 season.

Wilcox bowls in two morning leagues at Forest Hill Lanes, the Tuesday Lucky Ladies and the Friday Brunch Bunch.

"I used to complain about the way the former secretaries handled the details of the bowling program," Wilcox said.

"I guess that I talked about it so much that I got on my teammates' nerves because one of them said, 'Jean, if it bothers you that much, run for secretary yourself,' so the next year I did."

And was elected.

That was when the Lucky Ladies league acquired not only a fine secretary but an individual who is committed to promoting the sport that she fell in love with eight years ago.

"After I discovered tenpin bowling, eight years ago, and found that it was something I could do, something that I could really enjoy, I fell in love with it," Wilcox said.

Wilcox does all the things that a good secretary is supposed to do: keep complete records of league play, have a postion sheet ready every week, see that the Women's International Bowling Congress patches and awards are issued to the league members promptly, handle the little conflicts that arise from time to time.

Wilcox goes the extra mile. For example, the league has 13 teams of four members each; that means that one team dropped out, right? Wrong. It means that when four women who had never bowled before came to Wilcox after the season had started, she immediately found a way for them to participate.

"I wasn't going to let four new bowlers get away," Wilcox said. "I just inserted a blind to even things up and got 'em on the lanes."

Wilcox also handles the weekly newsletter that each bowler has waiting for her on league night.

It's the awards that Wilcox invented and issues herself, awards for the bowler who travels the longest distance, the award for the bowler who takes over for someone who had to drop out, awards to bowlers who have two identical scores and misses the third score that would garner them a WIBC Triplicate certificate, and the list goes on.

Perhaps the most valuable of the extras is the summer league that Wilcox began to keep bowlers interested over the break in the seasons.

"As long as you're a woman, you're welcome to come in and bowl with us on Tuesday mornings [10 a.m.]," Wilcox said. "The format is simple, two ladies to a team, and each game switch partners, we don't keep a league standing and everybody gets some exercise and practice and, most importantly, gets to know everyone."

Since anyone can drop in to Forest Hill Lanes and bowl whenever she feels like it, without a weekly obligation, it's a great way to introduce bowling to women who have never participated in league bowling before.

TC Wilcox means everybody, too. She picked up her mother for a partner, taught her to bowl, and now her mother is averaging in the 130s.

When other leagues, and the industry as a whole, are losing bowlers, the Lucky Ladies, thanks to Wilcox's drive and determination, are gaining league players.

A money bowler

Monyalo Webster is known as "Money," and that is what he's after.

"I'm going to bowl in some PBA regional tournaments this summer," Webster said. "I know that I need to get tournament experience to advance my game."

Bowling for 17 of his 22 years, Webster is active in five leagues: Tuesday at Fair Lanes Edgewood, Thursday at APG and three leagues at Harford lanes, one on Monday and two on Friday night.

The Aberdeen resident is averaging well over 200.

On Friday night, April 21, he was using a Brunswick Black Amber, drilled and filled by Eddie Davis; it was the only ball he needed to post his third perfect game.

His first and last games were 222 and 237, respectively but the middle game saw all the pins pounded into the pit every frame.

That's another 300 game and a 759 series.

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