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A man dumped his father's ashes on...


A man dumped his father's ashes on the Wrigley Field warning track last week. It was his dad's last request. One father's first request was to name his son after Camden Yards. The father, Blue Jays reliever Danny Cox, told The Sun's Brad Snyder last week why he named his 1-month-old son, Kamdan, after Baltimore's ballpark.

Q: What prompted you to name your son after an opposing team's ballpark?

A: My wife, Nancy, called me up last June and told me she was pregnant. I told her I was at Camden Yards. She said, 'I like that name, Camden.' I said, 'Yeah, that's a pretty nice name.' So we talked about it a little more and decided to name him after that.

Q: When was Kamdan born?

A: He was born this year, April 3.

Q: Why did you decide to spell his name K-a-m-d-a-n?

A: Because we have two other children -- one of them's named Kyle [who's 5] and the other one's named Kayleigh [who's 3], and they both start with K's. We went with the old K routine, and since my name's Dan, we put the Kam-dan in there. But we still pronounce it like Camden. We liked the name; we just changed it around a little. I tell a lot of people, 'I'm going to Camden Yards.' I like that name. It kind of stuck with us.

Q: Has he been to Camden Yards yet?

A: He's too young. This is my first trip here since he's been born.

Q: When do you plan on taking him?

A: I'll take him when he's old enough to enjoy it. I don't know whether I'll be out of the game at that time, but I'm sure we'll make a journey up here when he's old enough. If I'm out of the game at that time, we'll come up here and take him to the yard. Maybe one day he'll be up here on his own.

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