Brad Pennington, OriolesWho has the best-looking uniforms...


Brad Pennington, Orioles

Who has the best-looking uniforms and caps, and why?

Cincinnati's got the best, with their sleeveless. First off, they were my favorite team when I was growing up, and they look awesome. They've got the red outlining and the white pinstripe in the front. That's just a great look to me.

I like the Yankees, because they've pretty much been the same since Day 1. They've got a lot of history to them. They never put the names on their shirts. They've never changed, and it's still a nice-looking uniform after all these years.

Who has the worst-looking uniforms and caps, and why?

I hate Montreal's -- I just don't like them. And the expansion teams -- I think they're both stupid. I don't even know what a Devil Ray is, and I've never heard of one. If they're stingrays, why don't they call them stingrays?

And the Diamondbacks was the name of a minor-league affiliate (actually, the name of a team from the Arizona Fall League). Why can't they come up with something more original than that?

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