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Sykesville council reduces property tax rate by 1 cent


A slight budget surplus has allowed Sykesville to lower its property tax rate by 1 cent for fiscal 1996.

The Town Council unanimously adopted a $1,018,370 budget Monday. It calls for a property tax rate of 83 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.

Sykesville, which provides residents with police protection and trash collection, has the highest municipal tax rate in Carroll County.

"We have our own trash collection service, the only one in the county," said Town Manager Matthew H. Candland. "We also have a large municipal police force."

The 1-cent decrease will mean a savings of about $11 per year for the average homeowner. The owner of a home assessed at $105,000 would pay about $870 in town taxes, in addition to county property taxes.

Sykesville's tax rate has climbed slightly each year since 1991 in direct correlation to the county tipping fee, which the county charges all municipalities for the use of its landfills.

Last year, Sykesville officials approved a budget based on a $53-per-ton tipping fee, which added $13,000 to the town Public Works Department. When the county later set the fee at $45, the town had a surplus, which carried over to this year.

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