Contractor offers to paint home of elderly woman


Nancy Crawford says she feels appreciated.

The 93-year-old Govans resident, profiled in yesterday's editions of The Sun after city housing inspectors sent her a violation notice for peeling paint, will have the exterior of her home painted at no charge next week by David Bowman, a local contractor.

"Good for him," said Ms. Crawford, who grew fearful she might lose her home on Rossiter Avenue after she received the notice. "I'm glad somebody appreciates me at my age and all. I can't do it. I'm 93 years old, and there's not much I can do."

Mr. Bowman said he called Ms. Crawford and her family after reading about her problems.

"I was drinking my morning coffee in my truck like I always do when I read about it. I got a little sick," Mr. Bowman said. "My grandmother lives alone outside of Pittsburgh, and my mother lives alone in New Jersey. It sort of hit home."

Govans received scrutiny by city housing inspectors last month at the request of community leaders. In all, 601 citations were issued for peeling paint, trash and abandoned vehicles. Most problems have to be corrected within 30 days, according to the city housing code.

Ms. Crawford's daughter-in-law, Dora, who lives on the Eastern Shore, said the family is grateful for Mr. Bowman's offer.

"I'm overwhelmed at times about the kindness of people," she said. "There's a special place for people like that."

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