Becraft, 13, places second at Coca Cola


Jessica Becraft may have been at the bottom of the 13-to-21 age group in the Coca Cola state tournament at Chesapeake Bowl 2000 center in Easton but that didn't prevent her from finishing second.

Becraft, 13, lives in Ellicott City and is finishing seventh-grade at Patapsco Middle School.

Throwing a tenpin ball since she was 10, Becraft is active in the Young American Bowlers Alliance on Saturday mornings at Brunswick Normandy. That's the same center where her grandfather, Ed Lanehart, bowls.

"As the tournament progressed from the qualifying round to the stepladder finals, Jessica became a little nervous," Lanehart said. "And she told me this, 'Granddad, I am a little nervous, I've never bowled head-to-head matches before,' and it dawned on me that she was right."

Posting her best career three-game series (564) in the qualifying round, Becraft was top-seeded for the stepladder finals.

Bowler of the Week

Harry McCance of Columbia started his tenpin career late in life.

"A friend of mine talked me into bowling," he said. "Actually what he said was, 'You will bowl, I need another body on the team.' So I tried it and I'm still at it seven years later."

McCance retired from the National Security Agency three years ago. He bowls in two senior leagues at Brunswick Columbia, Thursdays and Sundays.

Using two bowling balls, a 14-pounder for picking up spares and a 16-pounder for a strike ball, he maintains a 144 average.

In the Thursday Club 55 league's Week 29, he fired a three-game set that was 113 pins over average. That was good for Bowler of the Week.

"That's not the best part," he said. "A few Sundays ago [April 23] I shot my best game and set ever."

That was a 242 and a 597, respectively.

"I really wanted that 600 set," he said, "It was so close!"

Triple crown

Elaine Kelly splits her lane time between Brunswick houses, Columbia and Normandy.

The New York native lives in Columbia and continues to teach the piano. She did that at Morgan State for 20 years.

"Bowling tenpins is a lot of fun and for a piano teacher really good exercise," Kelly said.

Using a 13-pound reactive resin bowling ball, Kelly led the Tuesday Club 55 league at Columbia in game, set and average.

"I really wanted to hit that 600 series," Kelly said. "And getting the Triple Crown is just great."

She averaged 159, shot a 244 game and a 609 series to capture the triple.

"I'm just getting used to the reactive resin ball," Kelly said. "By the time I'm really comfortable with it, it'll be time for another one."

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