Brown loses co-trainer Lewis


LANDOVER -- Simon Brown's co-trainer, Carlos "Panama" Lewis, was missing from his corner at USAir Arena last night before his fighter's title bout with junior middleweight champion Vincent Pettway.

Lewis, 49, waited until Friday night to apply for a second's license from the Maryland State Athletic Commission and was denied.

Commission counsel Bruce Spizler, an assistant district attorney, aware that Lewis was under suspension statewide save for Pennsylvania, said Lewis would have to face a future hearing in Maryland to have his case reviewed.

"We made it clear to Mr. Lewis that he would not be able to work the corner, be in the dressing room or shouting instructions from ringside to Simon Brown," said Spizler. "We had security men ready to enforce our order."

Lewis, who has worked with several champions, including former junior-welterweight king Aaron Pryor, has not been allowed to work a corner since his license was revoked in New York in June 1983, after he was accused of tampering with the gloves of middleweight Luis Resto in his victory over then-unbeaten Billy Collins Jr. at Madison Square Garden.

Collins never recovered from the savage beating, turned to alcohol and suffered fits of depression. He died a year later after driving off a mountain road near his home in Nashville.

The New York Supreme Court found Lewis guilty of second-degree assault and sentenced him to six years in prison for his part in the conspiracy.

His suspension has remained intact for what current New York athletic commissioner Randy Gordon called "his heinous act."

"Boxers have gone to jail and been granted licenses to fight again," said Gordon. "But I don't think any of them did anything as despicable as Lewis and Resto did to Collins that night."

With Lewis banned, Brown had co-trainer Aaron Snowell working his corner last night.

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