Hayes is champion of champions


An off-hand comment that there should be an annual competition among the various regional class champions bore fruit last Saturday with the first Star Wars Regatta, a Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association championship of champions, put on by Eastport Yacht Club.

High Point winners from each of CBYRA's 50-some classes in all three divisions were invited, and 13 took part in a challenging day of racing boat-for-boat in J/24s on short windward-leeward courses off the mouth of the Severn River.

In shifty wind conditions that varied in strength, the series began with three four-legged races, followed by a five-legger.

Although J/24 champion Ben Capuco of Annapolis won the first race, his veteran team did not dominate the regatta. The second race was won by 5.0.5. champion Ali Meller of West River Sailing Club, with victory in the third going to Star champion Jonathan Bartlett of Annapolis. J/22 champ Jim Hayes of Annapolis took the fourth race.

Top honors went to Hayes and his team, with PHRF B/Region III champ John White of Severna Park just a quarter-point behind in second.

1. Jim Hayes (J/22), 15.75 (3-2-10-1); 2. John White (PHRF B Region III), 16 (4-7-3-2); 3. Ali Meller (5.0.5.), 16.75 (2-1-9- 5); 4) Jonathan Bartlett (Star), 17.75 (6-3-1-8).

Larson wins Mumm 36 East

Hot competition was the rule at last weekend's 1995 Ronstan/Mumm 36 East Coast Championships, managed by the Chesapeake Chapter of the Storm Trysail Club.

Won by skipper Chris Larson of Annapolis on Nottingham Funds in a surprise upset over the Italian boat Mumm a Mia, close racing through the three-day event resulted in each of the top five boats taking line honors in individual races.

Thirteen boats from as far away as Hawaii and Italy joined in the eight-race series of 1.5-mile windward-leeward contests.

Larson and co-skipper Kip Meadows teamed with Annapolitans Greg Tawaststjerna, Marc McAteer, Bill Jenkins and David Krebs. Dee Smith from Utah and Tom Hill from Puerto Rico completed the team.

Team Nottingham got off to a solid start on Friday by winning the first race, but after "two so-so starts," took poor finishes of 9-7 later that day. Larson's team finished 2-1-3 on Saturday, but Mumm a Mia managed similar scores. Larson's team entered Sunday's racing nine points behind the Italians.

In Sunday's first race, Larson finished second to the Italians' fourth, moving closer to them and prompting a final race showdown.

The Italians finished last in the final race, while Larson's team aced the race and the regatta.

1. Nottingham Funds, Meadows/Larson, 25.25 (1-9-7-2-1-3-2-1); 2. Mumm a Mia, Paolo Gaia, 30.5 (5-1-2-3-2-1-4-13); 3. Sensation, Thomas/Chapman, 44.75 (12-7-3-4-3-7-1-8); 4. Chunky Monkey, Alexandros Michas (owner-driver award winner), 49.75 (2-11-8-1-5-11-5-7).

Navy claims Kennedy Cup

After three days of short-course round-the-buoys racing, the sailors of the Naval Academy's Varsity Offshore Team came away from competition against nine other schools in the annual intercollegiate big-boat event with a solid victory in this year's Kennedy Cup competition.

Contested in Navy 44 sloops on five-legged windward-leeward courses last weekend, the regatta included two races on Friday and Sunday and three on Saturday. Navy dominated the event, posting finishes of 1-2-3-1-2-1-8 to take the regatta by 10 points over second-place Massachusetts Maritime.

At the helm of the Navy boat was Mid. 1/C Eric Thiel, with Mid. 1/C Steve Karson as tactician. Varsity Offshore Team captain Mid. 1/C Britt Wanick also was on the team, along with Mids. 1/C Frank Santana, Clay Beers, Reuben Ramos, Eric Paulson and

Doug Halter.

Rhode River Spring Series

The Rhode River Boat Club's Spring Series, which ran Saturdays, April 8-22, drew 25 J/Meter boats in four divisions, sailing the series as the first half of their annual championships, along with 20 others sailing in two PHRF splits and Alberg 30 and Triton one-design classes. Two races were sailed each of the first two weeks, and the series ended with a single contest last weekend.

J/120 (4 entries): 1. Silent Running, Nick Worth, 9.25 (4-3-1-1-1); 2. Zephyr, David Shaeffer, 12 (3-2-2-3-2).

J/105 (11 entries): 1. Blonde Attack, Bill Sutton, 8.25 (4-1-2-1-1); 2. ESS, Ken Swiecicki, 8.75 (2-2-1-2-2); 3. Curlew, Jack Detweiler, 17.75 (1-3-4-4-6).

J/92 (6 entries): 1. Squeeze Bayou, G.L. Robinson, 8.75 (2-1-3-2-3); 2. Sea Meant, Tom Tatum, 12.75 (4-3-1-1-5); 3. Ubiquitous, Jim Stansbury, 14.75 (1-4-6-5-4).

J/80 (4 entries): 1) Joy Ride, Scott Zebny, 5 (2-1-1-1-1); 2. Alpha Wolf, Joel Beren, 11.75 (1-2-2-2-DNC).

PHRF AB (7 entries): 1. Cayenne, Tony Sanpere, 9.25 (1-2-2-5-2); 2. Caper, Bob Muller, 11.5 (4-4-2-1-1); 3. Accomplice, Chuck Coyer, 17 (2-2-5-3-5).

PHRF C (6 entries): 1. Airborne, E. Fabian, 11.75 (1-2-4-2-3); 2. Jaguar, Gene Horn, 12.75 (2-4-1-4-2); 3. Windsong, Chuck Ehle, 12.75 (3-3-3-3-1).

Alberg 30 (4 entries): 1. Bonaire, William Johnson, 5 (1-2-1-1-1); 2. Sundance, Bert Nye, 10.75 (2-1-2-3-3).

Triton (3 entries): 1. Sandpiper, Chris Gordon, 6.25 (1-1-1-2-2).

Shearwater SC Doublehanded

Shearwater Sailing Club's annual Doublehanded Race went off last Saturday with a fleet of nine veterans competing.

Class A (5 starters, 24.4 NM): 1. La Chasseresse, Carl Geyer, 3:54:42 c.t.; 2) Dreamer, Craig & Jodi MacGibbon, 3:55:55 c.t.

Class B (4 starters, 18.8 NM): 1. Scrimshaw, Charlie Deakyne, 2:42:02 c.t.; 2. Masquerade, Ed Wagman, 2:52:33 c.t.

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