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A roundup of new products and servicesHave...


A roundup of new products and services

Have a ball

Beach balls by On the Wall Productions could be the hottest thing on the sand this summer -- at least with the international set. The balls, called Globals, come in four styles: a Northwest Indian Global decorated with patterns from a blanket of the Tlingit tribe; a Japanese Edo Kite Global, with colorful reproductions of Japanese warriors; an African Global, based on the patterns of the kente cloth of Ghana; and an Egyptian Global, which shows imagery from the frescoes of the tomb of Nefertari, wife of Ramses II. Globals may be ordered for $12 plus $5 shipping and handling by calling (800) 995-6866. The Egyptian Global may be purchased from Spencer's Gifts at area malls for $14.99.

So there you are, the business executive trying to relax on holiday. But you're itching to know if anything big is breaking back at the office. A new product called FaxFRIDAY could be just the technology to put your mind at ease. It's a compact fax machine and voice mail system that provides local and remote access to faxes and voice mail with password security. Users are notified of calls and faxes by cellular phone or pager. Faxes may be rerouted to a hotel's fax machine or any other nearby machine. FaxFRIDAY is manufactured by Bogen Communications Inc. and is available for $499.99 plus $20 shipping and handling by calling (800) 221-8180.

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