There is "Shoeless Joe" and "The Iowa...


There is "Shoeless Joe" and "The Iowa Baseball Confederacy" and I'm working on "If Wishes were Horses," that will make a trilogy. I'm working on a mystery novel, "Conflicting Statements," it's set in Palm Springs. I've been kicking it around for six years. Right now it's optioned for a movie. I started it with Holly Hunter in mind, but then she did "The Piano," and got really famous. I've got many more on the go - what I call my "South American Butterfly Winter"; I've got 300 pages of notes on that. For Reader's Digest, I'm writing "How to Write Imaginative Fiction." I'll spend my summer doing that. Then, I've got a comical novel, a put on - on true crime novels - everyone is incompetent, the killer, the victim, the police are even more incompetent, and the 911 operator. I haven't looked at it in a year, maybe that should be my next project. . . . I have another book somewhere, I'm several ahead of my publishers.

0 W.P. Kinsella, author, on what he's planning

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