Support for Hirsch's Re-ElectionMy wife and I...


Support for Hirsch's Re-Election

My wife and I are very pleased to know that Mayor Gunther Hirsch is running again. He has done a lot for the city, and he has been in constant touch. He came out personally to look at any problems we had, and he has been quick to find ways of solving them.

The boardwalk is beautiful and a feather in his cap. The large number of people who enjoy it on weekends is wonderful, not only the people from Havre de Grace, but all over come and when they have visitors from out of town, they bring them to walk on the boardwalk.

Thank you, Mayor Hirsch, for giving us such an asset, and we will be there to vote for you to make sure we can continue to have your experience and skill.

'Bert and Connie Corbett

Havre de Grace


A few thoughts about Gunther Hirsch: Before he was mayor of Havre de Grace, he was a full-time physician with a large family practice. I, as a physician assistant, worked closely with him for 15 years. He was a caring, compassionate physician. He was also a courteous, gracious and pleasant friend and employer.

I know he wants to get things done. He does not wait for things to happen, he makes them happen. If he does not get a reply to a phone call, he insists a second call be made and followed up by a letter. If a reply is not received in a timely fashion, he insists on a reminder. He does not put things on the back burner, and some people confuse an insistence on getting the job done as "not being nice." He is a nice person, and he is a good example of a man who can interact with anyone in a kind, understanding manner.

Deborah Marindin

White Hall


As a third generation of the Montville family who lives in Havre de Grace, I have seen many changes as well as growth in our city. With the continued growth of our town and influx of new citizens, Havre de Grace needs the continued guidance, support and experience of our present mayor.

I have known Mayor Gunther Hirsch for many years. Throughout this time, I have seen a fair and considerate man who has always tried his best to serve the citizens of Havre de Grace.

Mayor Hirsch has always been a full-time mayor. As such, he is always ready, willing and able to serve the citizens.

As a resident of Bay View Estates, I have to admit that the proposed racetrack would have a very negative impact on my property value as well as my quality of life.

Mayor Hirsch was the first candidate to take a stand on this issue in public. The remaining candidates continue to "sit on the fence." I urge everyone to support Mayor Hirsch in his re-election bid.

Rea Montville Jr.

Havre de Grace


I would like to say how pleased I am that our esteemed mayor, Dr. Gunther Hirsch, is running again. He has done an outstanding job in the city, but most of all, he has given of $H himself to the community. In all the cities where I have had the pleasure of being a minister, it has been extremely rare to find a mayor so involved with and concerned about the community.

We have invited him numerous times to our church functions and special prayers and he has always been there. He is a spiritual man and he has my vote.

!Rev. Mark A. Moore Sr.

Havre de Grace

N The writer is pastor at Zion Temple Apostolic Faith Church.

It's Ward Who Should Apologize

Re: The Sun's editorial, "Nike Missile Site Next Door" (April 14).

When Bob Ward sold homes with the full knowledge that they were within a few thousand feet of a former chemical weapons test site, he did so as the developer of those homes. Under Maryland law, neither he nor his sales agents are required to be licensed.

But let's not overlook the fact that Bob Ward is licensed as a Maryland real estate broker. As such, he had knowledge of the law and was (at minimum) obligated to follow the intent of Maryland real estate law while engaging in Real Estate sales transactions. He is also a Realtor and is thereby obligated to obey the rules and code of ethics of the Board of Realtors.

Around the time the "Memorandum of Understanding and Acknowledgment" between Otter Creek L.L.C. ("owner") and the Harford County office of the state health department dated Nov. 30, 1993 was signed, the health department received from Otter Creek L.L.C. a document that is clearly an excerpt from a real estate sales contract.

Paragraph 21 of this excerpt is a disclosure regarding the "manufacture and testing of military related chemicals and weapons."

It is abundantly clear that both these documents were created to induce the Harford County Office of Planning and Zoning to approve a subdivision plan submitted by Otter Creek L.L.C. (ie., Bob Ward and David Gonzales).

Putting aside the fact that Mr. Ward's crafty and politically connected lawyers duped the county into approving the subdivision plan by providing a toothless agreement and never-used disclosure statement, we are still left with the indisputable fact that Mr. Ward had acknowledged in writing that he was obligated to inform home buyers of the potential danger near their lots. . . . Disclosure is one of the hottest issues in today's real estate market. All owners of real property are expected to disclose all known defects or declare that the property is sold "as is." . . . I believe arrogance bred of wealth and political power led Mr. Ward to think he could ignore his responsibility. For him to demand an apology from County Executive Eileen Rehrmann's administration reveals a level of audacity beyond comprehension.

The only thing more sickening than Mr. Ward's behavior is the cozy relationship with the development community (and their lawyers) that led Mrs. Rehrmann's administration to apologize to Mr. Ward. Instead of apologizing, I believe Mrs. Rehrmann should be asking the attorney general to investigate.

At minimum, it is Mr. Ward who should apologize, in full-page newspaper advertisements. He should apologize to the property owners of Otter Creek Landing, the health department, the Department of Planning and Zoning and other Realtors licensed by the state of Maryland.

Rommel T. Crabtree


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