75 Years Ago* Tomorrow, commencement day at...


75 Years Ago

* Tomorrow, commencement day at St. John's College in Annapolis, will be featured by the unveiling of a monument to the 24 St. John's men who lost their lives in the war. Franklin D. Roosevelt, assistant secretary of the Navy, will make the address. -- The Sun, June 11, 1920.

* Under the terms of the annexation bill passed by the legislature in 1918, by which Anne Arundel County was to be reimbursed for property taken into Baltimore City, a board of arbitration awarded Anne Arundel County $200,000, including payment for the Curtis Creek bridge. -- The Sun, June 19, 1920.

* There are about 400 vacancies on the rolls of the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Another examination is scheduled for August to fill up the classes usually filled by June. The aftermath tTC of the war, high salaries in the private sector and tardiness of members of Congress in making appointments are given as the main reasons. -- The Sun, June 27, 1920.

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