Whyes have wherewithal to stay away from TV


Dad is going along with it grudgingly. Oldest sister Shanna is getting her favorite shows taped. And the two youngest children, Candace, 5, and Alicia, 10, are too busy playing to notice much difference in their lives. And Mom is delighted.

The Whye family of Baltimore has almost finished a week of life without television and, so far, everyone is coping.

Lynn and Milford Whye and their three daughters are participating in the first annual "National TV-Turnoff Week," sponsored by a Washington-based group called TV-Free America. On Thursday night, the entire family spent the evening behind their Gardenville home playing ball and laughing together instead of watching Shanna's favorite sitcoms on Fox.

Mrs. Whye was looking for more time together when she insisted her family take part in the campaign.

As Mr. Whye tossed a ball to Shanna, he acknowledged that he wasn't thrilled with his wife's plan to turn the tube off for a week.

"I fussed at her," he said. "I really didn't see the point of it.

"I decided to go along with it for their sake," he said, pointing to his three children.

Shanna, 16, also objected to the weeklong project. But she wasn't able to cheat by watching television at her friend's house. It seems the friend's mother was clued in to the Whye family's plan from the first story in The Sun.

"When I called over there to check on Shanna, her friend's mother first asked me for my autograph, then she said: 'And the television is off,' " Mrs. Whye said.

But Shanna's friends are not as supportive. They've been teasing her all week with comments like, "Hey, did you see 'Fresh Prince' last night? Oh yeah! You're not watching television," Shanna said. "I just laugh."

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