On the field: Overshadowed in the come-from-ahead loss was the Orioles' offensive explosion. Left fielder Brady Anderson, shortstop Cal Ripken and designated Harold Baines each had two hits. The O's had 11 hits, improving their average from .190 to .235.

In the dugout: In an effort to pick up the first win of the season, manager Phil Regan has dug deep into his bullpen. Armando Benitez and Alan Mills have each appeared in the first three games, while Jamie Moyer and Brad Pennington have each pitched in two.

In the clubhouse: Regan acknowledged after last night's game that he's contemplating adding a pitcher. However, there are rules that complicate such a move. The Orioles cannot add a pitcher from the minors who's been optioned in the last 10 days, and that includes Scott Klingenbeck. Their next choice may be Frank Seminara, or perhaps Mark Lee or John Shea, but none of those Triple-A Rochester pitchers are on the roster. Regan hopes that today's starter, Kevin Brown can help. "Yeah, I would say we would look for Kevin Brown to throw 6-7 innings," Regan said.


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