Traffic proposals get mixed review


Two proposals to ease traffic problems on Woods Road while ensuring the safety of residents of Chelsea Beach are getting mixed reviews from residents of the Pasadena neighborhood.

Deb Peeler, who lives on an Oak Road cul-de-sac near Magothy Bridge Road, worried that a plan to build a new road to connect Magothy Beach and Magothy Bridge roads would create safety problems.

But Frank Gordon, who lives near Magothy Beach and Woods roads, said the new road "would be a favor to everybody."

The Greater Pasadena Council voted last month to support the recommendation of its Woods Road committee to build a traffic circle at Magothy Beach and Woods roads. Later in the same meeting, the group decided instead to support County Councilman Thomas W. Redmond's idea to build the road linking Magothy Beach and Magothy Bridge roads.

The road would be one way west, going out of the community, to allow residents to enter Magothy Bridge Road and bypass the troublesome intersection of Magothy Beach and Woods roads.

"I've talked to over 100 people in the [Chelsea Beach] community, and they would like to see the one way out" road, said Mr. Redmond, adding that the county already owns the land that would be used.

"All the county has to do is put the money there" to build the road, he said. The work would cost about $300,000, he said.

Traffic problems on Woods Road stem from evening rush hour motorists who use the road as a short cut from Magothy Beach Road to Mountain Road, the primary avenue on and off the Pasadena peninsula.

Some Chelsea Beach residents have been angered by motorists speeding on Woods Road and the amount of evening traffic on the road, which has made it difficult for them to leave their community.

Mrs. Peeler said she would be concerned about the new road intersecting with Magothy Bridge at a bend in the road near her house.

"I really don't want traffic around my house," she said. "There are accidents at that corner already. I would just be concerned about that [turn] with more traffic there."

Mr. Gordon said the traffic circle would "dilute" the traffic on Woods Road but "wouldn't be a complete solution."

"We always did want to do something like that, but we always had a lot of opposition," Mr. Gordon said. "This road and Woods Road are continuously overtaxed. If you could get [a new road] through, that would be a favor for everybody."

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