Historic groups to honor local preservation efforts


On May 10, the Howard County Historic District Commission, along with Historic Ellicott City Inc., Historic Savage Mill and other groups get together to honor the efforts of those trying to preserve our past. There will be a retrospective fashion show by Katie Bopp, modeled by Girl Scouts. The Historic District Commision will present its annual awards.

All this will take place in the Great Room of Savage Mill, on Foundry Street in Savage, at 7:30 p.m. For more information call Virginia Vargo at (410) 313-2393.


Lori Speelman, the fifth-grade science teacher at Bollman Bridge Elementary, has been named a 1995 finalist in the Presidential Awards for Excellence in the Teaching of Science. Only two other elementary teachers in Maryland were selected as finalists, so the school is proud to have Mrs. Speelman's achievements so recognized.


Bollman Bridge Elementary PTA is holding a yard sale Saturday, May 6, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., rain or shine. Call Val Sharpe at (410) 792-8492, or Kim Selden at (301) 497-2317 to register for a spot.


It's that time of year again, when the art departments of area schools decorate the Columbia Mall with student artwork. Hammond High students contribute to the visual feast with works that include soft pastel still lives, calligraphy and self portraits. The works are imaginatively mounted, adding a dimension to the enjoyment of the viewers.

Ryan Vaughan and Amanda Melton painted a wheel and a rose bouquet, respectively. The works were then cut apart and remounted as a collage. Lauren Belliveau drew a beautiful color rendering of a half-wrapped package, then mounted it next to the model. Viewers can judge the accuracy of her rendition easily. That shows confidence in her abilities!

There's an animal theme running through a number of works. Jodi Erickson and John Sun used scratchboard to limn an elephant and an ostrich. Jay Bussiere and Joe Leise used wood blocks to print images of newts and jaguars. Jodi Erickson drew a wonderfully sensitive portrait of a great ape in pen and ink.

Marina Siwek and Dylan Chirichella made 3-D cutouts from black and white paper. The cubes and flat arrangements have some of the dynamic qualities of Op-art with none of the dizzying elements.

Jan Cunningham and Don Clark present calligraphy, with quotes from John Ingersoll and Patrick Henry beautifully illuminated and written. In a different style, Chris Drieslein has written the word "cowboy" in a script made of lariats and other range icons. George Strickland does the same to the word "space," using rockets and stars to form letters.

There's a series of self-portraits patterned after Andy Warhol's portraits of Marilyn Monroe. The faces of artists Ron Gamble, Mike Brewer, Posido Vega and Amanda Sheplee stare at the viewer, each a wildly improbable color. Keely Alexander and Morris Samples present equally graphic self-portraits, but in black and white instead of teal and magenta.

This doesn't mean that all Hammond's artists executed the same works. On the contrary, the range of subjects, materials, techniques and styles is broad. Suzanne Rusio presents a winter landscape in the primitive style. Tuesday Brown painted a pool hall interior I hope no minor sets foot in. Nicole Losonsky exhibits a wildly foreshortened view of a Victorian mansion in electric colors of which Victorians only dreamed.

Andy Stockham drew a charcoal self-portrait on black paper -- it's a skull, reminding us all of our eventual fates. Stephen Guest drew a pen and ink portrait of Joe Smith. Shephanie Searfoss drew a still life of a hall table. Suzanne Rusk contributes a scratchboard dockside scene.

But, I must confess, my favorite piece is Lauren Belliveau's evocative scratchboard scene of a sailing ship's mast at dusk. It is a lovely work.


Plans for Savage Fest 95 are firming up. The Savage Community Association is accepting ads for the program booklet this week. The Fest Committee has already voted on the Grand Marshal to lead the parade. And it was very nice of the committee to tell James Croston that he'd been voted in -- he wasn't at the meeting.

Actually, James Croston, better known as either Jake or, by the younger contingent of the town, as Pops, is thrilled to have been selected. Now all he has to do is find someone to run his general store during the parade and decide which of his numerous offspring and grandchildren gets to ride in the convertible in the parade with him.

This year, Savage Fest takes place on June 3 and 4. For more information about the Fest, or to order ads in the booklet, call Bill Waff at (301).


The Laurel Arts Guild is holding a raffle fund-raiser May 7 at the Montpelier Spring Festival. Rebecca Pile and her indefatigable committee have assembled treasures from area stores to raffle off.

The Montpelier Spring Festival will be held on the grounds of Montpelier Cultural Arts center, Murkirk Road and Route 197 in Laurel.

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