Council acted properly on budget, officials say


Despite protests to the contrary, the Annapolis City Council broke no rules when it adopted a $20 million capital budget late Monday night, officials said.

"I spoke with the city attorney and he said he didn't see any problems with the way the budget was approved," said Alderman Shep Tullier, a Ward 4 Democrat. "The budget we approved is final."

City Attorney Paul G. Goetzke was asked to review complaints about the legality of the vote on the city's fiscal 1996 spending plan. Mr. Goetzke would not comment on his decision.

Two aldermen had questioned the vote. Dean Johnson, a Ward 2 Independent, said the council did not introduce the final budget until after the vote and that it therefore approved an outdated version. Louise Hammond, a Ward 1 Democrat, said the decision was illegal because a city ordinance prohibits votes after 11 p.m.

The five-year plan allocates $20 million for construction in the fiscal year that starts July 1.

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