Herman for Sykesville Mayor


Sykesville's voters have only one contested race to consider when the town holds its biennial municipal elections on Tuesday. Since no one bothered to run against the three incumbent councilmen, they are certain to be returned to office. In the mayor's race, Maxine Wooleyhand decided to challenge incumbent Jonathan S. Herman because she felt the top post in the southern Carroll County town was due a contested race.

Over the past decade, Sykesville has witnessed an influx of families who find the picturesque burg on the Patapsco River a nice place to live. New subdivisions in the western portion of town have added to Sykesville's population and created a need to improve Obrecht Road. Sykesville has also done an admirable job of preserving the charm of its business district.

The lack of condidates running for office should not be interpreted as a sign of town apathy. Sykesville residents actively participate in municipal affairs. The more likely reason for the virtually uncontested election is that residents are extremely happy with the current administration and have little desire to change it. In the past five years, Sykesville's government has been attentive to the town's needs and has efficiently delivered services. The 17 municipal employees and six-member police force have worked well with the elected officials. Sykesville could serve as a model for other Carroll towns.

Mr. Herman, who has served as mayor since last October when he was appointed to replace Kenneth Clark, deserves a full term. He is well versed in town affairs and brings a balanced perspective to his duties. He has served as a town councilman and has chaired the planning commission. He is an energetic advocate on behalf of the town. Mrs. Wooleyhand has promised to be a full-time mayor, which is not necessary since Sykesville RTC has an able town manager.

Michael H. Burgoyne, William R. Hall Jr. and E. Michael Kasnia will be returned to the town council since they are running unopposed.

Two years ago, 310 Sykesville residents voted in the town election. We hope that residents who are pleased with the running of Sykesville show their appreciation by turning out in greater number for Tuesday's election.

The Sun endorses Jonathan Herman for mayor of Sykesville.

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