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PICKY eaters make life difficult. Everything put...


PICKY eaters make life difficult. Everything put before them must be prepared a certain way, with certain ingredients, or else.

That "or else" depends on the eater in question.

Children may simply refuse to eat or they may throw themselves kicking and screaming onto the floor. Adults are seldom as physical in their disappointment, but they can be just as vocal.

The worst nightmare a restaurant cook can face is picky eaters. They complain, send their food back, and refuse to pay their bills.

In New Hampshire, they have the cook jailed.

Two Vermont state troopers crossed into New Hampshire for breakfast and were less than pleased with their meal. As a result the cook was arrested for assault.

The weapon? Tabasco sauce.

Many people wouldn't consider Tabasco sauce a weapon. In fact, many people actually like Tabasco sauce. Unfortunately, these troopers were not among them.

According to the troopers, the Tabasco burned their mouths and upset one's stomach. It was an assault upon their palettes and, at least in New Hampshire, it was an assault upon their persons.

It could have been worse. Think of the wide variety of weapons at the cook's disposal. He could have used hot peppers, anchovies, garlic or onions. This last item raises an important question. If the onions make their eyes water, could the troopers sue the cook for emotional damages, too?

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