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City Dock renovation on agenda


The Annapolis City Council will consider tonight how much money to spend next year to renovate City Dock, beautify the city's streets and maintain local utilities.

Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins drafted the five-year, $20 million capital improvement budget for fiscal 1996.

One of the biggest projects is a plan to reconstruct City Dock. Although Mr. Hopkins sought $750,000, a final figure of $250,000 is more likely. The General Assembly voted to contribute that amount toward the project.

Originally, Mr. Hopkins had proposed a $1.5 million renovation, with costs to be divided evenly between the city and state. The combined funding for fiscal 1996 is likely to be a third of that request.

Annapolis officials hope to complete a $10 million make-over of the city's waterfront before the boats competing in Whitbread Round the World Race arrive in April 1998. The city would widen sidewalks, replace bulkheads and pilings, do landscaping and build a wraparound walkway by the water's edge.

In other matters, the City Council will consider whether to shift money from other capital improvement projects to the Clay Street area. One plan would pump $2 million into renovating the Stanton Center, a community outreach facility in a neighborhood battling drugs and crime.

Mr. Hopkins' budget allocates $150,000 to the Stanton Center, but postpones until 19989 large-scale plans to renovate the area. Mr. Hopkins allocated $15,000 for Clay Street revitalization and set aside $40,000 to create new parks.

Clay Street residents have said this spending comes almost as an afterthought, tossed into the spending plan in small pieces while larger, flashier projects such as the City Dock renovation receive hundreds of thousands of city dollars.

The City Council meets at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

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