Students to aid in simulating drunken driving accident scene


Mount Hebron High School has an active Students Helping Other People (SHOP) group. The student organization is now focused on sponsoring Prom Promise activities, to advance drug and alcohol awareness among prom-goers.

Hebron's prom will take place early this year, May 6.

Wednesday, the Howard County Fire Department, Bethany Station will join the SHOP young people and the state police MedEvac unit to simulate the scene of an alcohol-related accident.

Four student volunteers will be accident victims. An undisclosed student will be "arrested" for drunken driving, and another one will "die" in this mock-up.

The simulation will be held during the school's three lunch shifts, beginning at 10:55 a.m., at 11:30 a.m. and 12:05 p.m.

The community is welcome to watch the events at one of the specified times.

On Thursday, flowers will be placed at the tree where the student "died."

On May 3, one student volunteer will dress as the Grim Reaper, who will visit classes during the school day.

To help the students visualize how many people are killed by drunken drivers each day, one student will be "killed" every 10 minutes.

Each "dead" student will put on black clothing and remain silent for the remainder of the day.


On July 29, the Parent Teacher Student Association of Centennial High School will play host to 1,500 cyclists from Cycle-Across-Maryland, who will end their tour of Maryland in Ellicott City.

Like all guests, they will need to be entertained. That's where the PTSA needs help.

Host Site Coordinator Darrell Krasoski hopes that people will come forward to help plan tours of the Historic District or evening entertainment such as a talent show.

The planning will begin tomorrow at 7 p.m. in Centennial High School's Media Center.

Please attend to contribute ideas. Call Darrell at 465-1673 for information.


Heather Blumberg, 1987 graduate of Centennial High School, wants her old friends to know that she's alive, still single and in medical school at the University of Pittsburg.

And that she's become a runner.

She's so into running that she just returned from Paris, where on April 2 she ran the 26-mile Paris Marathon.

Heather is a runner for Team in Training, a western Pennsylvania organization that joins runners and victims of childhood leukemia.

Sponsors sent Heather to Paris to raise money for the Leukemia Society, and in running the race she raised $3,000. Her group netted $100,000.

Heather's father, Al Blumberg, was delighted to accompany Heather. Father and daughter had several days of sightseeing in addition to the race. Al found Parisians to be accommodating and not at all pretentious, and after a few days he stopped counting the francs he spent.


Dan LeJeune, music teacher at Patapsco Middle School, was presented with the music Educator of the Year Award on April 10.

The award was sponsored by the Howard County Parents for School Music.

Kevin Wiedel, vocal music teacher at Elkridge Elementary School, was named one of the three finalists for the award.


Emory United Methodist Church's hard-working Organ Fund Committee continues to look for ways to fund a much-needed, but incredibly expensive new organ for the church building.

From 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. tomorrow, the church will hold a spaghetti supper.

A family can eat for $12, a child for $2.50, and an adult for $5.50. Dessert is included.

Proceeds of the supper will go to the organ fund.


Saturday is the annual "Christmas in April," when volunteers descend upon the county with hammers, glue guns and paint brushes to repair homes of those who could not otherwise get the fix-up.

This year, 1,200 to 1,400 volunteers are expected to turn out.

Look for the green balloons around the county to show where Christmas is happening.

The work you'll witness is all volunteer, and supplies and materials are donated.

Clubs and groups, in addition to individuals, are adopting houses to fix.

One such group involves the employees of the Howard County government, who will be working on a house in the Harwood Park area of Elkridge.

In this, the fourth year of the program, a total of 32 houses will be made safer, more comfortable or more attractive by the efforts of various county groups.


Boy Scout Troop 432, sponsored by Grace Episcopal Church, thanks all those

individuals and businesses that made their April 2 auction such a success.

Scout activities such as camping, backpacking, canoeing and bicycling can now proceed.

The Scout Troop donated a percentage of the auction proceeds toward Grace Episcopal Church's Teen Center.


Trinity School in Ellicott City announces that 12 students were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society on April 11.

Eighth-grade inductees include Marc Graham, Maureen Shaw, Krissy Brust, Eric Case, Deanna McCullough and Stephen Reis.

Seventh-grade inductees are Tara Murphy, Stephanie Panichello, Jessica Wilson, Caroline Blackwell, Nina Diemer and Mary Zagar.


Margaret Smith Gallery's exhibit of Kathleen Daywalt's elegant paper sculptures will open Saturday.

Layers of paper are carved, then painted with oil and metal leaf, giving the effect of ancient sculpted bas-reliefs.

The imagery is inspired by her research into ancient civilizations and her views on women now and in the past.

An opening reception Saturday will present the artist from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The gallery is at 8090 Main St., Ellicott City.

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