It's Now Clinton's Economy, StupidAny economist will...


It's Now Clinton's Economy, Stupid

Any economist will tell you that it takes about 12 to 18 months for the country to feel the effects of a budget vote. Early on in President Clinton's first year, when the economy started to improve and interest rates came down, Mr. Clinton took credit even though his economic plan was not in effect yet.

Now we have a report from the Commerce Department saying the Index of Leading Indicators took its sharpest drop in more than a year and a half, pointing to slower growth six to nine months ahead. How long before we hear Clinton and Leon Panetta blame this on the "Contract with America," and the press report it as gospel? . . .

Brad Bettencourt


Child Molester

I was disgusted at the suspended sentence given Judge Marvin Lee Teal for molesting two boys over the past 15 years. If the judge had pleaded guilty to theft or murder, would he be going to prison? Child molestation is tantamount to stealing and murder. The child's body is stolen by the adult for his own perverse pleasure and the child's spirit is crushed in the process. . . .

Frances K. Palmeri


A Warm Feeling

I would like to publicly thank Hein Bros. Oil Delivery Co. of Glen Burnie. On March 27, I found out in passing that a single working mother of three children who recently had surgery had no oil for heat in her house. She said she would use an electric heater until the end of the week when she received her check. After hearing about the TV electrical fire which killed a mother and two children, I said to myself "what if?" I called seven oil companies, some were "24-hour service," but none would deliver at around 8 p.m.

Hein Bros. sent a driver to deliver enough oil until the end of the week. I am single on disability, but I gathered enough change to pay Hein Oil Co. . . . Hein Bros., thank you for your caring and service and priming her burner.

Betty S. Moulton

Brooklyn Park

Teachers Insulted

The teachers of Four Seasons Elementary School have several concerns regarding the recent negotiations between the Anne Arundel County Board of Education and the Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County.

The teachers are at a loss to understand why once again we must struggle to retain our benefits. . . . We feel a sense of disappointment and a lack of appreciation.

We are especially concerned with the board's implication that if we cared, we would be willing to give more for less. We already give so much of our time, heart and efforts for the benefit and well-being of our students. It is unfair to imply that unless we give more, we are uncaring. Because of our dedication, we teachers put our lives on hold, sacrificing families, personal and health needs. We feel the Board of Education shows minimal respect for the day-to-day efforts of teachers by attempting to take benefits which have already been earned.

The insufficient planning time that we now have is being used for identifying, diagnosing and documenting individual student needs and programs. Planning time is also being absorbed by researching and writing units and assessments that have not been provided. While we understand that these things need to be done, we are concerned with the disproportionate amount of time spent on the above instead of daily classroom responsibilities. Elementary teachers, in particular, are putting in many extra hours each day, evening and even on weekends in an attempt to improve student performances on the Maryland School Performance Assessment Program and other educational initiatives. How many professionals give as many as 14-plus hours daily and weekend hours to do their jobs? In view of this, to extend the school day without fair compensation, is totally unreasonable. . . .

Judith Nicewicz


This letter was signed by 30 members of the faculty at Four Seasons Elementary School.

Harbour House's License

Because I wish to transfer my business to a new owner it appears from news stories and editorial cartoons that I am asking for something that is at variance with city policy. Unfortunately, the issue involved with my transaction has not been properly reported. Permit me to set the record straight.

One, the Harbour House Restaurant has been in business continuously since 1960. Unlike some other restaurants, the Harbour House has never been closed, so that its conditional use permit (which has no restriction on hours of operation) has never expired.

Two, the Harbour House has utilized its 2 a.m. license on a frequent basis, and proper documentation of this fact has been provided to the city.

Three, city policy allows for holders of existing conditional uses and 2 o'clock liquor licenses, to transfer them to new owners. I am requesting no more than the former owner of Armadillos restaurant, who recently sold and transferred his business.

Four, current city policy, adopted as a result of the Ward One Sector Study, does not allow for the establishment of additional 2 o'clock licenses in the C-2 zoning district. This was a compromise that the residents and restaurant owners reached. This is the same situation that exists for fast food restaurants. Burger King may stay or sell to McDonald's, but McDonald's cannot open an additional, new fast food establishment in the C-2 district.

Five, Alderman Louise Hammond is indeed a friend. However, that does not mean that she is precluded from inquiring into an alleged problem brought to my attention by planning and zoning. As my alderman, she has no credibility problem, because her position is the same as city policy -- that existing license holders can transfer their business to a new owner.

Thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight.

George P. Phillips



The writer is president of Annapolis Harbour House, Inc.

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